技术 has an important place in almost every business function. 你可能在给同事发邮件, entering your time in your employee portal or updating the company security policy, either way the technology has a large part in helping you, your employees and your business complete tasks and advance your organization. The most fundamental pieces of your business technology are the pieces that connect you to the internet, keep you safe from possible cyber attacks and criminals and help you stay connected to your employees no matter where you are. 在LBMC技术解决方案, 我们一直在留住客户, 安全连接, 对世界,对彼此, 自1996年以来.


“I wanted to send a quick note to let you know how appreciative I am of the support we get from the LBMC 技术 team. This has been a very challenging year for us from an IT perspective, and your team absolutely delivered and stuck with us to get the ship turned around and heading in the right direction for 2017. It was especially important given the transaction we were undergoing to go from public company to private equity owned in the late spring. 罗伯特。, 尼克, 布莱德, 马特, 杰克, Will and the rest of the team … they all do a great job and help us focus on helping patients. Thank you again and know that we value the partnership with LBMC. 谢谢,斯科特。”
“We have a unique business, and LBMC 技术 解决方案 is in tune with that. 现成的产品不适合我们, and LBMC 技术 解决方案 has continually customized software to fit our unique needs. 更重要的是, LBMC isn’t pushy and takes our concerns into consideration when setting timelines and implementing projects. LBMC is s a true partner to our business, and we appreciate how their staff keeps us informed.”
Jim Guinn Bandit life
“I must say how great it has been to work with 罗伯特。 and his Network 政府 team and that LBMC 技术 解决方案 has done an extraordinary job. It is very gratifying to enjoy such a long-term relationship with a partner like LBMC 技术 解决方案, 对我个人来说已经有15年了, and to have them come through for me again and again when I’ve needed them. We look forward to continuing the work between FRN and LBMC 技术 解决方案 going forward.”
Richard Rodgers, foundation Recovery Network首席运营官
“LBMC 技术 解决方案’ Network Engineering team has our network looking good! 马特把我们照顾得很好. He made our Office 365 conversion and firewall upgrade painless. 他让我的生活更轻松!”
迈克·豪厄尔,公司采购部 & 信息技术经理,信号工业产品


加强业务沟通, 生产力, and collaboration among team members by integrating various communication tools within a Unified Communications system. LBMC can help your business reach new heights with VoIP and video conferencing, 提供一个更好的方式来连接你的团队. 选择合适的统一通信平台, 内部部署或基于云的, will help your team excel beyond traditional phone systems.

Small businesses view virtual office telephone systems as essential technology. If you choose the best one, this could make you an attractive competitor in your industry. 所有企业都需要沟通.

It’s imperative for small businesses to be accessible – even better than large companies. 你使用好的小型商务电话. 有人能推荐一个合适的吗? 有哪些不同的服务?


A business phone system includes features such as unlimited calling, 汽车服务人员, 响组织, 语音信箱到电子邮件的整合. A typical phone system for businesses includes voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), 细胞, 私人部门, 或者关键单元. Most phones use VoIP technology that enables a company Internet connection for their entire network.


VoIP or cloud-based telephone systems are now mostly used to replace landline desk phone systems. Modern phones offer voice and text communications in all major formats, 集成技术解决方案. VoIP trunking can be used to replace traditional phone hardware, but most providers only offer cloud-based solutions without hardware. 人们仍然可以使用传统的IP电话打电话, but most people use headphones or an app on computers and tablets.


The decision to buy a company telephone service is overwhelming. 这是你应该考虑的一个重大选择, 包括产品类型, 成本, 或者客户期望.

Several factors should be considered while selecting a business phone system. It’s important that the system carries all the functions your company requires. 你期望一个办公室有多少员工? 这些应用程序有你想要的功能吗?

While some business owners are looking at standard call functions such as caller ID and voicemail, 有些人想要额外的功能. You may have other tools that you may need to communicate with other businesses, 比如视频会议和电话录音.

在传统vs. 云电话系统

Most companies know the traditional office phone systems. These can be provided by your local phone service and carry infrastructure expenses, including phone equipment and copper wires to connect the phone to the primary supplier. Traditional telephone systems are very reliable – and typically deliver clear sound. 风暴损坏或线路问题可能引起麻烦.

扩展物理系统可能很困难, so you must stick to your provider’s timeline when changing your setup. 电话费很高,特别是长途电话. Landline networks have become obsolete as cloud-based phone systems have become more popular and landline devices are discontinued.


Instead of traditional wired connections that are used in telephone systems, VoIP (voice over IP) phones use the Internet to communicate. So your system can be controlled via the same internet access as your network.


Small companies face smaller profits particularly when they are starting to operate and reducing 成本s wherever possible to be effective. Costs are a huge factor in firms’ operations, and VoIP is one thing to reduce the risks. Cloud VoIP telephone systems can be an excellent solution for alleviating the 成本 of conventional business phone services.



Maintaining and configuring computer networks, whether in the office or cloud, is time-consuming. Our Microsoft®-certified network engineers use reliable methods to set up and maintain your computer systems.

LBMC 技术 解决方案 customizes our services to meet each client’s business needs. Small to mid-sized companies use us as an outsourced IT department, 我们如何管理和监察他们的日常资讯科技功能. Larger organizations employ our team on a project basis for specific IT-related projects such as upgrades and expansion. In addition, remote support can be provided via our helpdesk or by utilizing our on-site services.


IT service providers offer Hybrid IT services ranging from specific solutions to 24/7 assistance. 管理它 services are used by organizations that are attempting to reduce internal IT workloads by reducing IT gaps.

Managed services are IT services performed by third parties that provide IT tasks for a client. The managed service provider retains ownership in the operation of the service. Typically, customers pay a monthly fee to access services. Coast can be determined by the number of hours per month or the number of users per month.

Third-party providers offer management services to take the burden of IT 维护 off of businesses. Good management of service relationships provides customers with lower prices, 因为他们不需要担心IT管理任务.


Remote management for computers, tablets, and mobile phones are often used for managed IT services. Remote monitoring and management is generally a basic and fundamental service for management companies.

Managed Service providers must differentiate themselves in an attempt to improve customer service. Customers often require IT security assistance from a trusted service provider.



Finding the best IT professionals is difficult and often businesses fail to understand that IT services are primarily resource-consuming. A partnership with an MSP will ensure a more reliable service.


MSP services offer SMBs a much better service in a significantly cheaper time frame compared with an internal support team. Business owners can pay a subscription fee to access a service that can be adapted to fit their requirements. 外包 IT management to an MSP also facilitates estimating internal 成本s and reducing 成本s.

Organizational budgets are forecasted by MSP subscription plans because they are generally constant and fixed. Hence, SMBs can focus more on the more mission-important work of marketing, sales, and development.


Another advantage to managing IT is the breadth of knowledge MSPs can provide to your organization. They have in-depth knowledge of cybersecurity policy and compliance and knowledge of real-life experiences. MSPs provide IT support services for a range of organizations and provide a complete IT solution for your needs.


通过将IT项目外包给IT管理提供商, the team is better equipped for the task of revenue generation. These companies are often able to offer advice or suggestions to improve infrastructure. The result may increase 生产力 as well as improve return on investment.


Managed service providers have no schedule like the rest of your employees. The provider can perform system upgrades and 维护 when you may be out, 或者忙于其他任务. Having flexible schedules for your business can help improve uptime while also reducing workflow disruption.


管理它 support can provide a 成本-efficient approach to managing a business environment. Network management encompasses planning, designing network systems, and monitoring their operation. It also covers routers, switches, firewalls, and various network appliances. System Management consists in administering a company’s server system, 例如Windows, Linux, 或Unix.

These include installation and 维护 of server software, 补丁, 维护, 安全维护. Data management includes restoring and recovering the company’s data as well as its data storage. 这包括创建数据库以保证数据安全.

应用程序管理包括, 部署, 以及为企业维护应用程序. These include web applications and desktops and mobile apps.



Every day IT security threats increase and companies struggle to keep up. LBMC 技术 解决方案 can help you secure your data without the need for extra staff, 节省你的时间和金钱.

我们将帮助你为成功做好准备. The needs of networks can vary based on the size and type of organization. Determining how to best protect your assets and educate your employees can present unexpected and unique challenges.

If you’re looking for some guidance on how to best secure your networks, let us know. 我们今天就可以帮你开始.


Network security relates to the process of building a defense strategy that enables companies to secure data on a network.

Network security relates in part to a strategy for developing defensive strategies to protect networks. Network security systems protect organizations’ data from cyberattacks, 防范威胁和未经授权的访问.

The security of network infrastructure includes many different tools. It outlines the rules that govern computer networks and the data that they hold on them.


A company must cover the 成本 of a cyberattack if it is exposed to a significant cyber breach. 选择网络保险是一个很好的策略. The first-party protection in these cases includes losses suffered by the firm.

The third-party policy covers damages arising from the breach. You’ll also want to examine the investigative expenses to determine if they cover all of the expenses. This helps to protect a company from significant financial losses.


When organizations look at enhancing the security of their networks, 他们通常选择多层次的方法. Because attacks can take place in any layer of a network, 每一个网络安全系统都必须处理每一层.


有了这种远程工作的新技术, many mobile devices can be accessed outside security circles within companies. Companies should take proper measures to safeguard their networks and devices against threats. The software can be used to erase company data on devices using the multilayer access protocol before they are connected.


A Verizon Data breach investigation report has analyzed 42686 security breaches. The study showed that these breaches were mostly the result of the reuse or a breached password. 多因素认证(MFA) helps protect against cyber attacks and prevents them. It provides devices additional security by generating one-time codes for logging on.


Although we’re well acquainted with phishing, it’s impossible if the technique cannot be understood. Employees are able to detect phishing attacks when they confront such an activity. It is important to protect organizations from data breaches, by regularly testing and training your employees to protect against phishing attacks.


Backups can help an enterprise recover if it’s hampered by an attack or a hardware malfunction during downtime. However, typically companies do not consider ensuring backups. During cyber attacks, recovery must occur quickly and efficiently. It is important to ensure backups are secure against ransomware.


The company needs to understand the security of its organization at an early stage. The assessment of your organization’s weaknesses can help in determining how best to address them accordingly. The need to evaluate all the growth levels is a key step a business must never miss. (链接至网络安全评估)


确保所有员工都了解安全协议. This policy must be created to allow the user and staff to make the correct decisions about behavior and safety controls. The protocols may also help with the assurance of compliance if the company is planning on expanding.


无论规模大小,改变业务都是不可避免的. Businesses must establish contingency plans to ensure the business’s continuous operation. Nevertheless, tests should be done in order not to damage the system’s integrity or make it unsafe.



For over 20 years, LBMC 技术 解决方案 has been inspiring greatness through technology. We understand how important a reliable technology infrastructure is to your one-of-a-kind business. 作为你的伴侣, we evaluate your unique business processes and current systems, 然后确定并应用最有效的解决方案.

LBMC 技术 解决方案 is an award-winning reseller of recognizable industry standard software. If your business needs are beyond what an out-of-the-box software can offer, we will tailor a custom software solution to fit your specific business needs.

合乐官网app下载顾问建立关系, 培养创新, 建立持续的沟通, and collaborate with you to architect the best system integration option to help you run your business better. We value our clients’ experience and have made it a critical part of our solutions to ensure we are earning your trust and becoming a long-term partner as your company grows.

Whether you need to supplement or outsource a single function, 需要一个你可以信任的盟友, or are in the market for a comprehensive business partner, LBMC 技术 解决方案 and our Family of Companies can simply be whatever your business needs us to be.